A Life Transformed: Obed Galindo’s Story

Obed Galindo is a dedicated father and a loving husband, but during a rough patch in his life he struggled with substance abuse. He sought help at a treatment center in Abilene where he met a parent educator from BCFS Health and Human Services.

Obed joined BCFS Health and Human Services’ parenting education program called Fatherhood EFFECT. He was skeptical and disillusioned at first – an unwilling participant. He missed his family and his outlook was grim, but mid-way through the program he began to open up. Obed brought in family photos to show his classmates, and he spoke lovingly about his wife and kids back home.

Now, he’s not too shy to say the program changed his life, his marriage and his parenting skills – all for the better. And the Department of Family and Protective Services agrees. Every year, DFPS solicits nominations from their Prevention and Early Intervention programs around the state for stories of extraordinary, resilient families. At an intimate luncheon ceremony, DFPS presented Obed Galindo the “Resilient Family” award recognizing his personal triumph over adversity. Obed’s wife, two children and about a dozen relatives were by his side at the ceremony, hosted by BCFS Health and Human Services.


“I’m more than thankful for the Fatherhood EFFECT parenting classes,” said Obed Galindo. “When I first joined the program, I was so angry at myself for who I had become, and how far I had fallen. I came from a messed up background. But God showed up and showed out. God closed doors that needed to be closed, and opened others.”


Obed has started a ministry in his hometown of Midland, Texas, helping young people struggling with drugs and delinquent behavior, the homeless, and people thinking about committing suicide.

Fatherhood EFFECT is a 25-hour parenting education course for dads that teaches the characteristics of a good father, like masculinity, discipline and achieving work-family balance. For more information about BCFS Health and Human Services, visit DiscoverBCFS.net/Abilene or call (325) 692-0033.

Help young men and women in Abilene like Obed

Your gift to BCFS Health and Human Services can CHANGE THE LIVES of teens, youth and parents like Obed. Gifts designated to Abilene will stay in Abilene and to serve those in our community. Thank you for your support!



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