Isaac’s Story: A Life Transformed

Isaac was struggling through a difficult time when he came to BCFS Health and Human Services. He had bad habits to kick, a juvenile record, and needed help to focus on his education.

That’s when he joined BCFS’ Youth Averted from Delinquency (YAD) program.

“When I first started working with BCFS in the YAD program with Mr. Taylor, my life slowly started to get better.  The more I listened, the better off I got.  The life skills program taught me a lot of skills that I use in my everyday life.

My life is great now. I no longer use drugs, and I’m happily married and have a beautiful daughter.

In a week, I will graduate high school. I plan to go to the Fire Fighting Academy in Abilene to get my certification.  Then, I plan to come back to Kerrville and hope to join the Fire Department in my community. I’m really grateful to have worked with BCFS and their staff.”   – Isaac

Make a difference

Your donation to BCFS Health and Human Services can change the lives of struggling youth, like Isaac.



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