William Oliver: On the right side of the law

By Yvonne Paris Rhodes

William came to BCFS Health and Human Services through a court referral from the juvenile justice system. He had overstepped the limits of the law, and his repayment to society included his participation in BCFS’ Youth Averted from Delinquency (YAD) program.

nolimitsInitially, he just wanted to finish his court-ordered YAD classes and get a job – but it didn’t take long for William to take advantage of everything BCFS had to offer. He joined the PREP program which teaches life skills and wise decision-making. Then, he joined Fatherhood EFFECT, which helps dads improve their parenting skills. He also used BCFS’ free counseling services. Over the summer, he was the life of the party at Chill Out Thursdays, weekly events hosted by BCFS to keep youth engaged and out of trouble.

Will was awarded for his hard work when BCFS sent him to Silver Cliff Ranch in the Colorado Rockies for a fun leadership retreat.

Read the NO LIMITS story for more on this trip.  



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