Poetry in Motion at PMNC

BCFS Health and Human Services (BCFS HHS) offers guidance and training to new parents and established families to teach parents how to properly care for their children, encourage developmental growth, communicate and mitigate conflict. Precious Minds New Connections (PMNC) creates a fun and creative environment for helping parents navigate the experience of parenting. PMNC is free to participants and aims to teach parents how to help their children reach their full potential.

PMNC is an eight-week program that consists of weekly hour-and-a-half meetings. Classes are held in English or Spanish.

Elizabeth Guajardo, a mother that took PMNC classes in San Antonio, wrote a moving poem about her rewarding experience with the program. Here it is below, in English and Spanish:

Precious Minds, New Connections

Poem By Elizabeth Guajardo Walsh 

From stressed-out and controlling,
To flexible and understanding,
Today I praise independence
By practicing empathy and patience.

It sounds fun and easy,
But parenting takes a toll.
Now memories of my childhood
Empower my new role.

I’ve learned that communication
Provides the connections
Between high expectations,
And our own situation.

A new way to play by the rules,
This course just gave me the tools.
My children are one of a kind,
In my hands lays each precious mind.

Del “¡Ten cuidado!” a un “Te amo…”.
De “¡Más te vale!” al ”¡Así se hace!”,
De la impaciencia a la convivencia,
De gritar y controlar a interactuar y acariciar.

Suena fácil—no lo es.
Pero HOY veo las conexiones
Entre mi estilo de crianza
Y los recuerdos de mi niñez.

Todo es tan lógico,
Debí de haber sabido.
Con el perfecto ejemplo de mis padres
Debí de haber tenido.

Sin embargo, cada situación es diferente.
Y gracias a este curso, ahora tengo presente
Ser cada día más flexible y tolerante,
¡Porque la mente de mis hijos es brillante!


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