Erica Campo’s Story

Erica is a single mom who lives in Rio Bravo, Texas. When Erica began BCFS’ Healthy Start Laredo program as an expectant mother, she was so quiet and shy that she rarely spoke, even during the long car rides to her prenatal doctor visits with the case manager. She’d stare out the window in silence, leaving her case manager perplexed — but patient. One day, Erica finally opened up. She confided in her case manager that she felt alone and uncertain about her pregnancy and her future. She had fallen into depression.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 1.59.17 PMBCFS provided Erica with information about depression and referred her to a therapist. She began attending HSL health education classes, which helped her overcome her shyness by interacting with classmates. Erica’s disposition began to change. Now, she is more confident and rarely misses class. With a little help, Erica has overcome her fear and feels hopeful about her future, even in the face of obstacles.

“BCFS was concerned about my health, and most importantly, they helped me feel better about myself with the health education classes offered and the home visits by my case manager, Maria Arellano.” — ERICA


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