The Art of Education: A Poem by Kat Stagdon

Education at BCFS… is not just the alphabet.
It’s learning a schedule and rules, and providing a safety net.
It’s manners, it’s laughter, it’s “Yo no entiendo,”
Y “yo no se comousar el diccionario!”
It’s figuring things out for the first time ever,
Or reapplying knowledge that lay dormant forever.
It’s translations that include… crying quite dramatically
To make sure the word is understood emphatically !
It’s writing, correcting and reading words never seen,
Explaining and questioning what words really mean.
It’s an adventure changing directions as fast as the weather
Fueled by passion that binds us together.
Ready to protect the lives of those we’ve been entrusted,
Sending them off prepared and adjusted
Into the world unknown
With knowledge and skills they’ve learned as they’ve grown!

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 4.35.57 PM.png

BCFS classrooms encourage a love of learning in students as young as 3 in our early education program, all the way to adolescent and teenage students readying to transition into adulthood, some of whom are learning in English as their second language. Education is the key that unlocks new doors for those we serve. 


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