BCFS Stands Down for Homeless Veterans


BCFS Stands Down for Homeless Veterans | BCFS Programs

The Healthy Start and Colonias Promotoras Program (CPP) operated by BCFS Health and Human Services-Laredo assisted in an interagency community event for veterans on September 20.

At the Stand Down for Homeless Veterans event, hosted by the Department of Veterans Affairs, BCFS’ Mobile Medical Unit (MMU) was utilized to provide a place for health screenings, lab tests, immunizations and case management services.

Twenty-three veterans received services at BCFS’ MMU, including physical assessments, preventative care injections and HIV screenings.

Other local organizations were on-site to provide wrap-around support to the veterans, including providing resources and referrals, clothing, food and shower facilities.


What does BCFS do in Laredo, Texas?

For more than 15 years, BCFS Health and Human Services-Laredo has been working to improve maternal and child health outcomes in the colonias of Webb County through the Healthy Start Laredo (HSL) program. Most of the individuals served through the HSL program don’t have a doctor or receive regular medical care, live below the poverty level, and lack health care insurance and transportation. Despite these grim circumstances, BCFS-Laredo staff from the HSL program and the Colonias Promotoras Program (CPP) work tirelessly to enroll clients for services, make sure pregnant women receive the earliest possible prenatal appointment at the BCFS mobile medical unit, and help them submit state benefit applications for CHIP Perinat or Medicaid when eligible. 


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